Help your money go further with bYond.

bYond is a prepaid card and everyday financial wellbeing solution that enables cardholders to earn up to 15% with every use, with annual earnings up to £900*.

It’s a workplace benefits solution, designed to help employees get the most out of their money. Follow one of the links below to find out more.

I’m an Employee I’m an Employer I’m a Retailer

I'm an Employee

The more you use bYond, the more you earn - but it’s not about spending more, just spending smart. Swap your regular spending to a bYond retailer and watch as your cashback grows.

Your employer must be registered for you to get a bYond card. It’s really easy for them to enroll, why not download our mini-guide and share with your manager or HR team now?

If you already have a bYond card or have recently been invited, please click the Register or Login buttons at the top of the screen.

Download the Employer Mini-Guide

I'm an Employer

Workplace benefits make a big difference to the lives of employees and your company culture, with 80% preferring additional benefits over a pay rise. With bYond, you can do both as employees can earn up to £900 a year, making it a benefit and pay rise all in one.

You can sign up for our Standard model right now by registering your business for a Blackhawk Network Extras account - the cost-effective, free-to-set-up, employee benefits platform. With BHN Extras, you can make employees feel recognised and valued all in one convenient location.

Once registered, employees could get their hands on a bYond card in a matter of days for just a £5 annual fee.

If you have 750+ employees, then you may prefer our Premium solution which enables additional features such as the ability for employees to load their cards directly from their salary.

Self-Serve Premium
Self Registration Right Wrong
Managed Implementation Wrong Right
Ability to load money from salary Wrong Right
Ability to load Additional Reward Payments Wrong Right
Cardholder self-top up Right Wrong
Custom branding Wrong Right
Pricing Free for your business, £5 annual fee paid by Employee Bespoke pricing, please contact us to find out more

I'm a Retailer

Retailers are at the heart of bYond, and we are always looking for new partners. bYond provides an opportunity to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive incremental spend

It is a cost effective marketing platform that gives you access to a large audience of employees from businesses of all sizes.

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