What is bYond?

bYond is an cashback card within our employee benefits product range. It enables employees to earn cashback and make their money go further, employers to engage and reward their workforce, and for retailers to connect and engage with consumer audiences.

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Make your money go further.

bYond is an exclusive benefit made available to you by your employer. You can use your bYond Card just like a debit card, at over 70 popular UK retailers, in-store and online.

Each time you shop with bYond you'll earn cashback on your card - from 3% at supermarkets and up to 15% on gifts and experiences. Your cashback earnings will be paid 30 days after each transaction, stored safely in your Vault. You can set a personalised savings Goal for your cashback to ringfence those funds. You can withdraw funds from your Vault onto your card balance once you've reached your savings Goal, or whenever you'd like. With regular use, bYond could earn you up to £900 a year - just from your everyday spending.

bYond is only available through your workplace. If your employer doesn't participate today, let them know you're interested - you might get your hands on a card soon! If you've received an invite, click 'Register' at the top.

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Help employees make their pay go further.

bYond is a prepaid spending card that earns employees up to 15% cashback on their card at over 70 high street retailers, restaurants and supermarkets.

With the right savvy pending swaps and regular use, bYond cardholders could earn up to £900* back each year. From just 42p monthly per card, bYond is a low-cost way to boost the financial wellbeing of your workforce. As well as earning cardholders money back, bYond promotes mindful spending and cultivates saving behaviours through Goal setting functionality. 

It’s no wonder 56% of cardholders say that having access to bYond makes them feel more valued and engaged at work. 

If you're interested in finding out more about bYond please contact us or sign up below. 

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The closed-loop cashback card that drives customer engagement.

bYond is available to employees of selected UK workplaces as an employment benefit. bYond propels repeat custom and elevates spend with every retailer in our network. Each time a cardholder shops with bYond they’ll earn a percentage back as cashback on their card. Unlike cash rebates, these funds can only be spent within the bYond retailer network, so there’s an incentive for bYond customers to come back time and again.

bYond cards can be used to pay in the same way as a normal debit card, either by chip and pin or by contactless payment - so, there’s no need to provide additional training to your point of sale staff. bYond promotes financial wellbeing, encouraging it’s users to shop savvy. Over 70% of cardholders have changed their shopping habits thanks since getting their bYond card and 50% of cardholders say they shop more at retailers where bYond is accepted. 

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