bYond is the workplace benefit that helps employees’ pay go further.

You might be more familiar with our old name, Pure. It's still us, but we've had a makeover!

bYond is a prepaid card that employees can use at over 70 national retailers to earn cashback onto their card, every time they spend. From 3% at supermarkets, up to 10% at restaurants and 15% on experiences, cardholders earn as they spend. Employees can choose to load a fixed amount of their salary onto their card automatically each month or can top up their balance 'on the go' with the bYond mobile app. With a few smart swaps, on average cardholders can earn over £200 a year by using bYond.

We know that financial wellbeing is an important topic for any organisation. bYond promotes mindful, savvy shopping and helps spenders to become savers through Goal setting features. Our bYond social channels offer regular financial wellbeing tips and inspiration. Employee benefits can make a big difference to the lives of employees and to company culture. Did you know that 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay rise?

If you are an employer, or retail partner interested in finding out more about bYond, please get in touch. If you are an employee who wants a card, why not speak to your HR team?

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